Our mission

To Encounter, Live For

and Advance the Kingdom of God

in his service

Whether you’re new to church, have been a Christian for many years, or are looking for a fresh start, you’re welcome here. Our hope is to give you a place where you experience a fresh, enjoyable connection to God and a community of people.

Our greatest desire is to see brokenness healed and lives transformed through authentic encounters with the love of God. We believe the key to transforming our city for Christ starts with every believer knowing their identity in Him.

Our Values

It is important to maintain a solid foundation and clear vision. Ten core values bring clarity to the things that matter most. They guide how we achieve our mission, influencing everything from major leadership decisions, to everyday plans and even the unique personality and heart of our church. In short, they keep us focused on the call God has given us. 


Seeking the presence of God

Our first ministry is to God. Experiencing the life-changing presence of God means we are practicing awareness, acknowledgement, and purposefully cultivating a hunger for God’s presence. As a lifestyle, we practice recognizing God’s presence while we minister to others, attempting to say what He is saying and do what He is doing.


Psalm 27:4; Matthew 5:6; 6:33; John 4:23; 10:27-28; 12:49–50; 14:10; 14:31; James 4:8;

Revelation 3:20


Made to invade the impossible

Authenticity, integrity, humility and sincerity to what’s true will define us. We are honest and real about the challenges and victories of our journey with Christ. The Church is a safe place to fall, heal, grow, be empowered and simply be who God created you to be.


Matthew 17:20; Hebrews 11:6



We believe that without faith it is impossible to please God, but with it, we can move mountains. We will be faith filled, big thinking, bet the farm risk takers. We’ll never insult God with small thinking and safe living. We like to say we pray like it depends on God, but work like it depends on us. We will be a church that always chooses faith over fear.


Luke 6:45; John 17:17; Ephesians 4:25–26,32; Philippians 2:3–4; 1 Timothy 1:5; Hebrews 12:1;

James 1:22–27


We refuse to do life alone

We believe life change happens best in the context of relationships. We believe that loving relationships should permeate every aspect of church life. A church is not a Christian country club, it’s a place to belong and a place to become all God created you to be. We believe that deliberate hospitality and small groups build community and encourage spiritual growth.


Matthew 22:37–40; Luke 10:1; John 13:34–35; Acts 2:44; Hebrews 10:24–25; 2 Corinthians 1:3–4; Ephesians 4:16


Making hopelessness history

We believe that the church should operate as the hands and feet of Jesus giving and providing compassion to those in need. Jesus Christ didn’t die on the cross for church budgets, programs or attendance figures. He didn’t die on the cross for acreage, square footage and stained glass windows. He died for people! People matter to God, and people matter to us.


Matthew 9:36; Titus 3:14; Ephesians 2:10; Philippians 2:4; James 1:27; 2:15–16; 1 Peter 4:10;

1 John 3:17–18

Personal Growth

We won’t settle for anything less

Healthy things grow. We are church that believes in discipleship. Discipleship happens when we are discipled and discipling others to become fully devoted followers of Christ. We strive to cultivate an environment where spiritual growth is easy, by providing opportunities for teaching, training, leading and learning.


Philippians 1:6; 1 Timothy 4:13; 2 Timothy 2:15; 3:16–17; 4:2; 1 Peter 2:2


Empowering the next generation

We believe that one of our highest callings is to the next generation. Kids don’t get a junior Holy Spirit, they are not the church of tomorrow, they are the church of today! We will be a church that is committed to raising up and empowering others so the kingdom of God advances with every passing generation.


Deuteronomy 11:18–21; Joshua 4:4–7; Psalm 127:3–5; Proverbs 22:6; Matthew 28:19–20; Luke 2:49;
Ephesians 4:11–13; Colossians 1:28–29; 1 Timothy 4:12; 2 Timothy 1:13–14; 2:2


Honoring God and inspiring others

Only our best is good enough. Paul taught that whatever we find ourselves doing we should put all we have into it for God’s glory. We value persistent development of people and systems because we know we are meant for “the more”. We won’t leave anything on the table or settle for less, because we know a mindset of excellence honors God. He is worthy of our best every time, all the time.


Psalm 78:72; Proverbs 27:17; Daniel 6:3; Malachi 1:6–14; Colossians 3:17, 23; Revelation 3:16


Selflessness without reservation

God has blessed us in every way so that we can be generous in every way to advance the gospel. Joyfully giving our time, talents, and treasure produces transformation, releases joy, blessing, and favor into our lives and the lives of others.


Luke 6:38; Acts 2:43–47; 2 Corinthians 9:6–15; Philippians 4:17–19


We get to

We won’t take our gifts to the grave. We believe using our God-given gifts to serve the church and to advance God’s kingdom is the key to spiritual growth. This includes the concepts of unity, servant-hood, spiritual gifts, and ministry callings. We don’t attend the church, we ARE the church!


John15:8; Romans 12:6–8; Ephesians 4:11–16; 1 Peter 4:10